Natasha Thomas-Jackson is a social justice activist, writer, feminist, performance artist, consultant, and the co-founder/executive director of art and social justice organization that promotes youth engagement, expression, and empowerment through performance, literary art, and social activism. Natasha has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR) and her writing has been published by AlterNet, John Hopkins University, and the Black Congressional Caucus.

As a mother, I want what most parents want for their children: safety, success, peace, happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment. I want them to live meaningful lives full of love and fruition. But as a social justice advocate and feminist, I also want my children to understand their role in ensuring that all people have access [...]


Today, the world is mourning the passing of a legend. And as is the case with all cultural icons, the grief is being felt in all corners, by people of all races, ethnicities, economic classes, gender expressions, etc. There is no doubt that his Purple Majesty touched people all over this world. For me, Prince was [...]

blessed are women who wrestle with their own ghosts. who locate their own decay with the acuity of sighthounds. who don't make their healing someone else's burden. their weakness someone else's heartbreak. their tongues someone else's wound. blessed are the women who handcraft their own correction. She who is more interior than not. who only [...]

Yes...the Stop Kony movement ran through cyberspace faster than a mono outbreak at junior prom. Viral, indeed. And as it pummeled through the Internet at breakneck speed, being re-blogged, re-tweeted, shared, and passed along indiscriminately by Good Samaritans and media-hungry celebrities alike, it was stopped midstream by the Kryptonite of everything instantaneous and surface - the [...]